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This is a place where you can find out the latest on those who used to swim or dive at North Cobb...

Former team members - please email send us your information that you would like others to know so he can post it on this page

Lindsey Crelly (1998-2001)

Graduated from the University of Kentucky in December 2005 with a Bachelors in Kinesiology with an Exercise Science concentration.  She is currently working at a Sports Physical Therapy Clinic at UK and applying to Physical Therapy schools.  

Will Davis (1998-2002)
Will will be graduating from UGA in May with a degree in Spanish, and planning to go to law school.  He plans to study a mix of international and corporate law, and eventually use his Spanish within a larger company with heavy Latin American or European operations.  
Virginia Diederich (1979-82)
After graduating from North Cobb, she attended (and swam for) UGA for four years, where she was a three year College All American (she earned “consideration" the other year as well) and captain for two years.  In 1984, she qualified for Olympic Trials. In 1986 she was named Southeastern Female Scholar Athlete of the year and received a NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship.  She earned her bachelors degree in Psychology (graduating Summa Cum Laude and moved on to the University of South Florida where she earned her Master's degree in Industrial Psychology and a second Bachelors in Elementary Education.  While there, she was a graduate assistant for the swim team for two years until they dropped the program. She then moved to Minnesota for a year and coached a USS team in Chaska, MN.  Then, moved to Maryland for five years where her two daughters were born.  Finally, she returned to Georgia (Woodstock), where she has taught 4th and 5th grade for the past 9 years. 
Brian Enns(1990-91)
Is currently living in Fresno, California and works for the Sanger Parks and Recreation department.
Rocky Fain (1995-98)
Rocky is currently living in Las Vegas and pursuing an acting career.  He has been on several shows, including one of the finalists on the last Average Joe (where he was brought in with the "jocks" halfway through the show).
Todd Johnson (1998-2002)
Todd currently is a senior at Howard University majoring in Psychology.  He continues to swim at Howard and has been team captain the past two years.  After graduating, he is planning to return to school to pursue a second degree in Engineering.
Richard O'Neil (1998-2002)
Richard graduated from the university of Georgia in 06, with a degree in biology, he is working at the university doing research in the genetics  with plans to go to grad school on 2007.
Coty Rumpler (1997-2000)
Graduated from UGA in 2004 with a degree in Interior Design and now works for a design firm in Kennesaw.  She is now Coty Melvin - she married a fellow NCHS Alum in July of 2005.  While in college, she learned to ballroom dance, became a teaching assistant in ballroom classes, and is now looking into teaching classes in her free time.
Lauren Wheeler (2002)
Lauren is at LSU studying Mass Communication and hopefully going to be working in T.V.or Radio editing
Gabby White (2000-03)
Gabby is a Junior at North Georgia College. She is very involved in campus life from the Young Republicans to her sorority PHI MU. This past summer she did a study abroad program and went to Italy for 6 weeks. 
Neil White (1994-96)
Neil is a Senior Airman in the US Air Force. During the summer of 2004 he was deployed to Kuwait for 6 months, came home and went back four months later. He is now at Tallil Air Base near Ay Nasaryiah about 20 kilometers from Bas rah. He is with a joint Army/Air Force task force to provide base security. 

Swimmers/Divers who continued after high school:
Michael Arce ('01) - University of Kentucky
Virginia Diederich ('82) - University of Georgia (+Olympic Trials)
Ivey Hanson ('02)- Wagner College
Doug Hurstell ('96)- Georgia Tech
Blaine Jackson ('96)- Georgia Southern
Todd Johnson ('02)- Howard University
Jeff Melton ('02)- SUNY New Palz
Jenna Newsome ('07) - University of Kentucky
Will Rechsteiner ('05)- Cumberland College
Julie Turner ('02)- Georgia Southern

Information will be updated as we are contacted by former team members

If you have updated information on former swimmers/divers, please let us know - contact Coach Tavernaro at the link above and give us an update on your life.